BuzzNet to Blogger woes

There was a cool feature at It let you email a photo to a secret email address and would then create a blog entry at BuzzNet from the email. Really handy when you were on the road, had some nice photos, and wanted to upload them quickly without stuffing around with URL’s and HTML image references and crap like that.

What was also nice was the BlogThis! facility that let you convert the new BuzzNet entry into a Blog Entry here at Blogger.

After I upgraded to Blogger’s new gmail accounts, I was unable to use the BlogThis! facility at BuzzNet.

I’ve been stuffing around with this for ages, and every time I tried to get BuzzNet to talk to Blogger I got errors, and it wouldn’t retrieve a list of Blogs.

Eventually I gave up in disgust and tried Flickr.Com.

It works! Perfectly! Easily!

I created a new Flickr account, told it that I had a Blogger account, and it directed me to a page at Google which let me authorize Flickr to update my blog.

Now I can email a photo to a Flickr address, and it automatically creates a new Blog entry for me.

Next time I go on a cruise, I’m all set to upload my new photos every day without spending hours trying to figure out all the HTML references.

I am a very happy camper. If anyone else has this problem with Buzznet – forget them – just upgrade to Flickr and make your life easier.

Republish info from a web site

It’s really easy in .NET to output your own censored / transformed version of another web page.

Here’s a code snippet which reads the contents of one web site, does some changes it, and re-publishes it on your own web site.

Make sure strURL has the “http://” at the front of it, and be sure to take acount of the fact that any relative references in the source web will still be relative in the target web.

Dim objRequest As WebRequest = System.Net.HttpWebRequest.Create(strURL)

Dim objResponse As WebResponse = objRequest.GetResponse()

Dim sr As StreamReader = New StreamReader(objResponse.GetResponseStream())

Response.Write(Page, SomeTransformationOf(sr.ReadToEnd()))