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A few friends have asked me to explain twitter.

Rather that re-invent the wheel, I thought I’d upload a few links that explain what it’s all about.

1. The official Twitter Help Resources / Getting Started

2. How to Use Twitter Without Twitter Owning You – 5 Tips (Tim Ferriss)

3. How to Use Twitter (Darcy Logan, includes great short video)

4. Newbie’s guide to Twitter

5. Twitter Fan Wiki (Sort of like Wikipedia for Twitter)

6 HashTags

Actually HashTags deserve a post all of their own. I’ll post something about that later.

I hope these links help. The bottom line for Twitter I think is to follow people who have something interesting to say. Don’t just follow anyone, because then the interesting comments will get drowned out with “noise”.

And the converse is that it’s important make your posts useful. Say stuff that will be interesting to people who follow you. Here’s some examples of people who post some really great twitter articles:

@Astro_Mike An Austronoaut tweeting from orbit
@tferriss Author and blogger on lifestyle design
@612brisbaneMy local ABC radio station

Oh, and if you’re interested, I’m on twitter as @NeilEnnis

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  1. >Nice List! is a useful resource, especially for bloggers looking to integrate their blogging & twitter audiences. It's run by Darren Rowse who also blogs at so you know it's good 🙂

    Using a desktop program like twhirl or tweetdeck is also really handy if you want to stay updated all the time. Though it can be distracting sometimes….not to mention addictive!

    Also, I love lists like this;
    There are so many awesome people using twitter right now. Keep a look out for #FollowFriday for recommendations from other twitter users.

    My favourites right now are;
    @wil_anderson &


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